Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lilly's Story

Pet's name: Lilly
Adopted by: Kelsie Fennell
From: Oktibehha County Humane Society, Starkville, Miss.

Kelsie, who blogs at The Overflow, shared this story of her cat Lilly.

As a little girl growing up in the country, I have been the mommy to a wide variety of pets. We've had several dogs that were very dear to my heart, cats, rabbits, an abandoned baby deer, ducks, and for a short period of time—a baby raccoon. I don't remember a time that I didn't open the back door to the warm greeting of puppy paws or a cat's affection. And then ... I went to college. *sigh* Obviously I didn't have the space or time to provide for a pet. For five years I browsed the "Our Animals" section of the Oktibehha County Humane Society webpage, admiring their little angels and dreaming of the day I could make one of them mine. This fall, I moved into a one-bedroom apartment and the time was right to finally bring home the perfect pet. I went to visit the shelter one afternoon in October, and immediately fell in love with an 8-week old black-and-white Maine Coon kitten.

She has been home with me since that day, and what a joy it has been to watch her grow. She has been a great companion over the past six months, and it is just a treat to come home to her excitement and fun every afternoon. She's full of energy, and has some funny little quirks. If the sink is running anywhere in the house, she's in it. If the bathtub is draining, she's perched on the side of tub watching it. She plays in her water bowl. She plays in the fish bowl (but doesn't bother the fish). She "talks" about 95% of the hours that she is awake. If you aren't quite sure what I am talking about, check out a few YouTube videos and you'll understand.

Adopting sweet Lilly was one of the best decisions that I have made in years. She has brought so much to my life and my little home, and knowing that I can provide her with love and care each day is so rewarding. She's my companion. She's my friend. She loves me every day, no matter what. She is sitting on my pillow each and every morning to tell me the sun is up. Please, consider adopting your next pet. Knowing you made a difference is so worthwhile. And Lilly will thank you.

If you adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue group and you'd like to share his or her story, please email me. I'd love to hear from you!

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