Thursday, March 29, 2012

Boo and Sophia's Stories

Pets' names: Boo and Sophia
Adopted by: Lindsey
From: Sumter Humane Society, Americus, Ga.

Lindsey, who blogs at Cardio Pizza, sent the story of her two dogs, Boo and Sophia. They came into her life separately but are now best friends.

For as long as I can remember I've been an animal lover. I've always been an extremely sensitive person, but I'm especially sensitive to animals. I believe it's in my nature to love animals, but I also grew up around them. We always had a family dog and I don't know what it's like to not live with one! When our first dog Perry died, it was only a few months before we got Alex. It's just so lonely without an animal. While no animal can replace another, they love they share is like nothing else in this world, and I believe that they live such short lives because they come into this world with more love and compassion than any human is capable of. They don't need as much time as most of us do to learn the lessons we need to here!

In 2009 I moved from Ohio to Georgia for a job. I moved completely by myself so I knew that I needed a roommate. And I knew my roommate would come in the form of a dog! After just a few short days of living in the small town of Americus, Ga., I headed to the local Sumter Humane Society to pick out a dog. There were so many dogs and cats that it was overwhelming. As much as I wish I could adopt every single animal in that place, I realistically knew that I could only adopt one. The dogs were so excited to see me, just as I was excited to see them. But one dog looked calm and caught my attention with his one blue eye and one brown eye. I knew this was my dog.

Boo, who was named by the staff, was estimated to be about two years old. He was picked up by someone who saw him on a country road. He was at the humane society for about two weeks before I adopted him. When I took him home he was scared, but he soon warmed up. His personality came out as well. Gone was the calm dog and out was the wild and energetic dog that I know today.  

Boo and I were just getting used to one another when Sophia joined the family. I never planned to have two dogs, but sometimes life isn't how we plan. One morning before work I went to the gas station to fill my car up. Roaming around the station was a cute black-and-white dog. I had cereal in my purse in a baggie and offered some to the pup to see if she would come to me. She did and gobbled the food right up! Her tail was wagging and I could sense she was friendly. I asked the gas station attendant if this was anyone’s dog and she said no and that she had seen the dog here the past couple of days. I then asked the attendant that worked there to help me put the dog in my car and I offered to take her to the vet, where they could keep her for a few days. 

After a few days I checked in to see if anyone had claimed her and they hadn’t. The vet asked if I'd take her to the humane society, so I did. I came up with a name for her and called her Sophia after my favorite character on "The Golden Girls." I had a feeling since I had named her that she would ultimately be mine, but I wanted to make sure she wasn't someone's dog who was lost. Well, after three weeks no one claimed her. I went right to the shelter and picked her up and took her home. Sophia officially joined the family! 

Boo and Sophia became fast buddies. Now, they are inseparable and enjoy playing day-in and day-out. They both are obsessed with chasing squirrels and bunnies, going for walks, and eating treats. They are happy dogs and they have no idea how happy they make me! I feel so blessed to have these two pups in my life.

Adopting my dogs was one of the best decisions I have made. There are so many animals in need of homes and I encourage anyone who is looking to become a pet owner to adopt one. The love and joy they bring into a home is like nothing else imaginable. 

If you adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue group and you'd like to share his or her story, please email me. I'd love to hear from you!

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