Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brady's Story

Pet's name: Brady
Adopted by: Erin
From: Desoto County Animal Shelter, Nesbit, Miss.

Erin, who blogs at The Spiffy Cookie, sent the story of Brady, whom she adopted as a kitten.  

Growing up, my family had all kinds of pets: dwarf bunnies, cats, a ferret, a cockatoo, fish, guinea pigs, and even mice. But the cats were always my favorite. They would cuddle up with you while you read or when you went to bed and seemed much more appreciative of your existence than a fish. But when I went away for college, obviously I couldn't have cats in my tiny dorm room. Even when I finally moved off-campus I couldn't have one because the apartment complex wouldn't allow pets. Therefore when I moved into my first pet-friendly apartment in graduate school, I began to feel the itch for a pet.

I had heard of a website called and decided to take a dive into their database of cats up for adoption in my area, and ended up with more than just a few windows open on my computer screen. Somehow I managed to narrow it down to one kitten, which required filling out a very long adoption survey. I had no qualms about completing the survey because they just wanted to make sure the kitten would be going to a good home and that I understood what it meant to take care of it. However, when I began the two-week-long wait to find out if they would accept my request, I found myself back on, searching just in case I didn't get approved. (I did get approved but had already adopted Brady.)

It should come as no surprise that I found another kitten. But when I contacted the Desoto County Animal Shelter where the little one resided, I was informed that he had already been adopted. BUT! They had just received a new litter of kittens and attached a photo:

Brady (left) as a kitten

I died from cuteness overload and told them I would come there directly after work. Once I arrived, I spent at least 30 minutes letting them crawl all over me. I wanted to take all three home but knew I couldn't. (My apartment had a two-pet rule and my roommate at the time already had a toy fox terrier.) After a very difficult decision I decided on the gray tuxedo, because he spent the most time in my lap. And it was no fluke! He was the cuddliest kitten I have ever known. Frequently while studying he would crawl up and perch on my shoulder, inevitably falling asleep. Much to his dismay he is too big for that now, but he has retained his desire to cuddle into adulthood. He also got along great with the toy fox terrier and they would play all the time. Unfortunately we no longer live with his playmate's owner. Maybe one day I will find myself back on

If you adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue group and you'd like to share his or her story, please email me. I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Gabbie's Story

Pet's name: Gabbie
Adopted by: Lee Ann
From: Nevada Humane Society, Reno, Nev.

Lee Ann, who blogs at Lee Ann's Road to Reno, shared Gabbie's story: 

The photo of Gabbie is at three months, the day that I adopted her. She has been healing my heart since I adopted her in November. The story goes like this:  In November I moved from Wisconsin to Reno, Nevada. Many traumatic events occurred prior to my move. My husband passed away very suddenly of cancer, my beloved dog Peaches died, I closed my massage therapy business after 10 years, I sold my home and was offered an opportunity in Reno for a new position of working as a color, light, and sound therapist.

One day I received "a message" to go to the Reno Humane Society to simply get a feel for a cat. I walked into the lobby, and there was a man sitting there with a cardboard box on his lap and he said "Hi, are you looking for a cat by any chance?" I said "possibly." I sat down next to him and he told me the story about he and his wife adopting two cats right away and the two weren't getting along, so they decided to bring one of them back. This nice man was really upset about bringing Gabbie back as he had already formed an attachment to her. He opened the box and out popped a little grey head and a "mew," and the rest is history.

An interesting adjunct to this story is that I sent my sister a photo and an email about my new family member and she couldn't believe what she was reading. Her grandson (my great nephew), who is three years old, had been walking around for two weeks saying "Gabbie, Gabbie, Gabbie" and no one could figure out why he was repeating this. Well, children are very perceptive aren't they? He knew, somehow, at some level, that there was going to be a Gabbie in the family. I love to tell this story because it tells of our connection to each other.

So Gabbie is now eight months old and is an awesome companion. She is waiting at the door when I get home from work and loves to lie in my lap. She is very talkative and expressive and is a joy in my life.

If you adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue group and you'd like to share his or her story, please email me. I'd love to hear from you!