Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cooper's Story

Pet's name: Cooper
Adopted by: Barbara
From: National Mill Dog Rescue, Peyton, Colo.

Cooper's story originally appeared on Barbara's blog, That Was Vegan?

Cooper came to live with us on December 7, 2007. Jason and I decided that year that, rather than buying gifts for each other, we'd each choose something we wanted and buy it for ourselves. Perhaps not the most romantic method, but certainly efficient. For my gift to myself, I adopted Cooper from the National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR). They're a WONDERFUL organization who rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome puppy mill survivors, and educate the public on the evils of purchasing puppies from pet stores and online. I had recently heard through a friend about the amazing NMDR—and I wanted in on the action! I looked on their website, and although every single dog looked adorable and loveable and everything else-able, I decided to wait until we could visit the rescue. I wanted to see if I had an instant connection with any of the pups. I wanted my new dog to choose ME.

Fast forward a few days, and Jason and I drove out to the rescue. I was sitting on a stool as they brought dogs to me one at a time to meet. Obviously I loved every dog that I saw and wanted to take them all home with me, but I never stopped her from bringing more dogs in. I wasn't done yet. Then she came through the doorway carrying a little black bundle, and placed him on the ground at my feet. Not only was he covered in mud, but his fur was matted too—I really wasn't even sure what breed he was. He was very shy (they called him "Timmy the Timid") and although he wouldn't approach me, he was doing this adorable little "commando crawl" on his belly back and forth in front of me. I knew immediately.

Some paperwork and an adoption fee later and Cooper was on his way to his Forever Home with us. He was about five years old, and had been rescued a few weeks before from a breeding dog auction in Missouri. That's a story for another (longer, sadder) post, but suffice to say my sweet boy was minutes away from a cruel death when he was saved. But all that is in the past, and he's now the happiest pup you could ever meet. He only has one eye, but that doesn't stop him from scampering around the house begging for treats, or sitting on my lap watching while I watch TV. We're best friends, totally inseparable!

Happy birthday Cooper! Thank you for four years of happiness and love and little doggie kisses—and I look forward to many more!

If you adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue group and you'd like to share his or her story, please email me. I'd love to hear from you!

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