Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Murphy's Adoption Story

Pet's name: Murphy
Adopted by: Lee and Jason Becknell
From: Adopt a Golden Atlanta

Lee sent the story of Murphy, who, as you can see, has a great doggie smile!

I had a golden retriever growing up, and I knew that I wanted another as an adult. At the same time, I wanted to help a dog that was in need of a home. Fortunately, I discovered that there are rescues for pretty much any breed out there. I contacted AGA and had to apply. It was actually quite a lengthy process. Not only did I have to fill out an online application, but they had people come to our house and make sure we were suitable dog parents.

It turns out that we were, so after about two months of waiting, we met Murphy (whose former name was Ricardo). He was a 2-year old golden (maybe a mix; we're not sure) who was about 10-15 pounds underweight. We don't know his full backstory, but were told that his previous family just couldn't afford him, so they gave him up. We've had Murphy for almost three years now, and he's pretty much the best dog ever.

If you adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue group and you'd like to share his or her story, please email me. I'd love to hear from you!

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