Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Maggie and James' Adoption Story

James and Maggie cuddling

Pets' names: Maggie and James
Adopted by: Caitlin and Kristien
From: Animal Friends in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Caitlin (of Healthy Tipping Point) has two canine roommates, Maggie and James. They were adopted separately but are now very close. Here is their story:

"Maggie and James came to us six months apart, five years ago. Maggie was from an independent rescue group, and James was from the shelter. The first time they met, I knew it was love. I get mad when people say they are brother and sister, because they are truly husband and wife—complete lovers to the core. I am really glad we adopted both of them, because it is clear that they are so grateful. James has scars on his neck from where his collar grew into his skin, and Maggie has separation anxiety because her previous owners mistreated her. I know that we're truly the perfect match for them. I'm so glad they are our dogs!"



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