Saturday, September 10, 2011

Maddie's Adoption Story

Maddie posing

Pet's name: Maddie
Adopted by: Kim and Scott Vargo
From: SPCA Cincinnati

Kim and Scott (of Yellow Brick Home) split up the writing duties for their pets' adoption stories. Scott contributed the tales of Libby and Jack, and Kim wrote about Maddie. Here is her story:

"After growing up with pets my whole life (we always had two cats and a dog in my family), I went away to college knowing that I would miss each of my pets back at home. My parents would send me updates and tell me how the four-legged gang was doing, but it only made me miss them more. Of course, living the dorm life meant no pets at all—my attempt at a goldfish was short-lived—but as soon as I moved into an apartment, I was ready to be a kitty mom again. The only problem was that the landlord advised against pets; they were a big no-no on his properties.

"You'd be silly to think that this would stop me. After my roommate agreed that she could certainly stand to have a cat around (she also came from a full-pet household), I called my landlord and pleaded with him. I said, 'I'll maintain the hallway! I'll take out the trash for the building! I'll keep the lawn free of weeds!' and you know what? He agreed. Sure, his life just got a little easier, too. And he knew I was a neat freak, so although it may seem he made out in the deal, I was really the one who won.

"I picked out Miss Maddie from the SPCA in Cincinnati. She was so small, so tiny. She was with her brother, a black-and-white, very excitable little guy, but I was drawn to the sweet face on my soon-to-be kiddo. I was told she was eight weeks old; her first check-up two weeks later proved she was only eight weeks old then (so she was six weeks when I adopted her). She had to be put on a special wet diet, because she was so weak and too young to be away from her mother so soon. But just like any strong-willed woman, she came out strong, healthy, and beautiful.

"Over time, she's become our diva girl, roaming our kitchen counter and putting Jack in his place when he teases Libby. Scott and I like to joke that she's the queen of this home. She rules this roost. And now, I'm back to my two-cat, one-pup household. Funny how history repeats itself."

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